Computer Programming Clubs in Camden Primary Schools


Some very good news for Camden kids:

From September, Camden plans to introduce computer programming after school clubs in all of the 41 maintained primary schools in its borough, the first initiative of its kind in London.

The news provoked some misty eyed reminiscence from my fellow (sadly retiring) Brookfield governor Jon Butterworth.

I remember writing a computer game in BASIC which was a slightly upgraded version of a strategy/combat game we used to play in our exercise books with dashed lines and biros. The blaster gunshot essentially consisted of pressing your pen from the top until it flicked out semi-randomly, leaving a streak on the paper which would with any luck zap your opponent. Drawbacks included the occasional ink apocalypse, and the fact that clattering biros could alert even the sleepiest teacher. My computer game was quieter (I didn’t know how to poke stuff to the sound card on a Dragon 64), although my robot opponents were much dimmer than my classmates. I should have been writing machine code, of course. Some of my friends were.

 I hope the scheme produces some future equivalent memory.


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